Best App for Harbor Freight App Reviews

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This app is junk I wanted merchandise

I wanted the stuff they sell I already know where it is big waste of money

Worse app and waste of money

I agree with the above stated comment from another review. They lied what the app would do and charged you money. Get a Lowe’s and Home Depot app they are free and a 1000 times better

Absolutely Pointless

The description says it’ll hook you up with low priced tool suppliers to “cut out the middleman” implying this app leads to prices on harbor freight or related items for less, but all it’s done for me is take some money and tell me my local Harbor Freight Store’s Location and Address- like another reviewer stated- google does this and much easier too, plus it’s free, save your money!!!!!

Not happy

If I want to find a Harbor freight store I could just put it in Google maps. I just paid for an app that only gives locations, that’s it. Save your money 😡

Don’t bother

Only functionality for this app is to show location (address) of HF stores on map. Certainly not worth paying for.

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